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Living on purpose and adjusting for balance are two critical facets of the well-lived life. My coaching practice focuses on coaches and individuals who find themselves reflecting on, and willing to make significant progress in, aspects of life including but not limited to:

  • Purposeful choice
  • Life balance and time management
  • Transition and reframing
  • Creative and energizing best use of time
  • Skill or habit learning and unlearning for growth or inner peace
  • Optimism and health practices for longevity
  • Spirituality and search for meaning
  • Letting-go including grief, death and dying
  • Legacy, contribution, “passing it on”
  • ‘Walking with’ through tough times and challenges
  • Who and how we are in terms of its impact on how we approach what we do

I love what my fellow coaches and clients bring to the coaching, mentoring, or Super-Vision: themselves. And while they seek (and I expect) clarity, momentum, and evolution resulting from our co-created professional relationship, the direction it takes often surprises and delights us both.

International Coach Federation Member